Dunlop Crybaby BG95 Buddy Guy Crybaby Wah

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Pay tribute to the blues legend Buddy Guy and let your guitar sing with soulful emotion using the Buddy Guy Cry Baby Wah. As a major influence on wah masters like Hendrix, Clapton, and Vaughan, Buddy Guy's impact on the blues vocabulary cannot be overstated. Now, you can harness his iconic wah tone and sweet singing top end with this special edition pedal.

The Buddy Guy Cry Baby Wah is equipped with the legendary Fasel® Inductor, renowned for its sweet and expressive top end. Additionally, it offers two distinct user-selectable wah voices to cater to your playing style. Choose "DEEP" for a big and throaty growl that adds a powerful edge to your sound. Alternatively, select "BG" for Buddy Guy's own warm and bell-like wah tone, perfect for achieving that signature bluesy wail.

With side-mounted LEDs, you can easily see which mode you're in, whether it's the "DEEP" or "BG" voice. A separate LED indicates the effect's on/off status, ensuring you have full control over your wah sound at all times.

Embrace the Buddy Guy-approved polka dot graphics and custom signature tread, reflecting the style of a true blues legend. Let your guitar sing the blues in its most authentic form with the Buddy Guy Cry Baby Wah, and immerse yourself in the spirit of the blues.

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