Remo BH-0012-A1 12 Inch Bahia Bass Drum

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Presenting the REMO Bahia Bass Drum, a remarkable instrument designed to deliver rich and resonant bass tones with a touch of style. Crafted with precision and innovation, this drum is a testament to REMO's commitment to quality.

Measuring 12" in diameter and standing at 21" high, the Bahia Bass Drum boasts REMO's proprietary lightweight Acousticon® shell construction. This unique shell material ensures a balance between durability and exceptional sound projection, making it an ideal choice for both performance and practice.

The drum features durable molded feet that not only enhance stability during play but also contribute to the drum's sound projection, allowing your bass tones to resonate powerfully. The key-tuned system ensures precise tuning control, enabling you to achieve your desired pitch effortlessly.

The Bahia Black Bass Drum Head adds to the drum's character with its distinctive look and impressive sound quality. The Gypsy Red finish adds a touch of elegance to the drum's appearance, making it stand out on any stage or in any musical setting.

Whether you're a seasoned percussionist or a budding musician, the REMO Bahia Bass Drum offers a harmonious fusion of sound and aesthetics. Its thoughtful design and quality construction make it a reliable choice for achieving deep and resonant bass tones, while its eye-catching appearance adds a touch of flair to your performance. Experience the power of bass with the REMO Bahia Bass Drum.

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