Danelectro BR1 The Breakdown Boost/Overdrive

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The Danelectro The Breakdown Boost/Overdrive pedal is a faithful recreation of the vintage Univox UD-50 Uni-Drive pedal, famously used by Jimmy Page on the first Led Zeppelin album. This pedal aims to capture the organic and classic overdrive tones of the original, providing guitarists with a versatile tool to push the front end of their amplifier and achieve a range of overdrive and fuzz sounds.

The key feature of The Breakdown is the six-position "Break Up" control. This control allows you to dial in the amount of overdrive, ranging from subtle boost (positions 1 to 3) to more aggressive overdrive (positions 4 to 6). As you turn the Break Up control to higher positions, the overdrive increases, eventually reaching fuzz-like territory at the highest setting. This versatility makes The Breakdown suitable for various playing styles and musical genres.

The interactive volume knob complements the Break Up switch, allowing you to finely adjust the level of overdrive in your amp setup. This provides even greater control over your tone, letting you achieve the perfect balance of overdrive to suit your playing preferences.

Visually, The Breakdown Boost/Overdrive pedal embraces a vintage aesthetic, featuring a reliced enclosure with aged knobs, switches, and jacks. This design gives the pedal a classic and well-worn appearance, adding to its vintage charm.

Overall, The Breakdown Boost/Overdrive pedal is a pedalboard-friendly option that captures the essence of a vintage classic, making it an attractive choice for guitarists seeking the warm and organic overdrive tones reminiscent of iconic rock music from the past.

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