Bryden Open Back Banjo Ukulele

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6" Open Back Soprano Size Banjo Ukulele

This Bryden banjo ukulele is a knockout, it has that trademark bright punchy tone found in open back banjos. It has ukulele strings and is tuned GCEA like a ukulele. It is perfect for a ukulele player who loves the banjo twang, or a banjo player wanting to play ukulele tunes, or just a musician wanting to add something unique with wow factor to their instrument collection.
Satin Black Laminated Basswood Rim
Maple Neck With Rosewood Fingerboard & White Dot Inlays
19 Frets
10 Brackets
Remo Weatherking Head
Maple & Rosewood Bridge
Chrome Hoop & Tailpiece
Chrome Open Geared Machine Heads With Waverley Style Steel BUttons
Clasic Satin Black Finish

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