Lorantz C304UB1/200W 12" 8 Ohm Bass Speaker

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Lorantz C304UB1/200W 12" 8 Ohm Bass Speaker

The AC304U-B16G is an Australian made professional bass-mid ceramic magnet 12″ loudspeaker with a useful upper limit of 5kHz. This model offers superb bass performance, high power handling, 400W program, high efficiency and large linear cone excursion. Computer optimized design, leading Australian technology, and advanced materials deliver superior performance. The AC304U range features an FE optimised ferrite magnet assembly to achieve magnetic symmetry and improved stability. The tyoke is chamfered to both reduce weight and reduce magnetic leakage thus improving magnet efficiency. This model features our air dried curvilinear paper cone manufactured in house employing our OFP paper technology. The addition of Kevlar reinforcement further enhances performance delivering smooth mids and wide frequency range. The spider and surround are designed and manufactured in house to deliver the required linear excursion. The loudspeaker components have been carefully designed to achieve efficient parameters that produce a full rich punchy bass in a vented enclosure.


  • Nominal diameter: 12″,304mm
  • Program rating: 400W
  • AES rating: 200W
  • Nominal impedance: 8 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 96.7 dB
  • Frequency range: 40 – 5000Hz
  • Resonance frequency: 50Hz
  • Magnet: High grade Ceramic
  • Mechanical Qm: 5.3
  • Electrical Qe: 0.36
  • Total Speaker Qt: 0.33
  • Compliance Vas: 86 litres
  • Peak linear Xpk: 4.9 mm

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