Shubb C6b Capo for Square Neck Resophonic Guitar

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Patented Locking Action

Patented Locking Action

Unlike other Dobro capos that attach only to the strings, this capo clamps solidly to the neck to provide great tone. It uses the same patented locking action of our guitar capo, and it aligns by touching the fret, not by eye, making it fast and accurate.
This is the best capo ever put on a resophonic guitar.

It is NOT for use on Weissenborn style guitars with hollow necks, because their necks are too deep and too fragile.
When you first get your capo, it is set up for the most common configuration: string action of approximately 3/8 inch, and a relatively slim neck. It is likely that this setup will be just right for your instrument, and will require no adjustment. But if you feel that some adjustment is necessary for the best fit, then experiment with the following variables.
(We refer to the part of the capo that goes between the strings and the fretboard as the “Dobro piece.”)
String action:
If your action is higher than 3/8", and it seems like the capo is working too hard to pull the strings down, then adjust your capo as follows: unscrew the set screw that attaches the Dobro piece. Rotate and reverse the Dobro piece so that its height is 7/16 inch, and re-attach it.
Neck thickness:
You can rotate the black rubber sleeve a quarter turn to affect the capo’s closing action to best suit your neck. When you receive your capo, the sleeve is set for a slim neck (left). If the closing action seems too tight, even after adjusting the capo's set screw, then you can rotate the sleeve (right) to accommodate a slightly thicker neck.
Square neck or round neck?
Technically speaking, the terms "square neck" or "round neck" refer to the actual shape of the neck, not the the string action. The terms "Hawaiian style" and "Spanish style" refer to the setup ...whether the strings are raised high above the fretboard for slide style (Hawaiian) player, or lower for fretting with the left hand (Spanish style). These terms aren't used much these days. Most bluegrass players don't think of their music as being particularly Hawaiian, and your average blues man doesn't identify with Carlos Montoya. Still, these terms accurately distinguish the two setups common to Dobros, or resonator guitars.
In recent years people have begun using the term "square neck" synonymously with "Hawaiian" (above). Now that's fine as far as it goes, because you CANNOT set up a square neck instrument to play Spanish style. But you CAN set up a round neck instrument to play "Hawaiian" style, and some are built that way.
So back to the question: "does the Shubb Dobro capo only work on a square neck, or does it work on a round neck, too?"
The answer: it's made to work on guitars set up to play "Hawaiian" style. That means all square necks, and some (but not most) round necks.

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