Carlsbro Electronic Drum Kit 5 Piece

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5 Piece E-Kit (5 Drums + 3 Cymbals)

This full kit of drums features a Commander 130 sound module allowing for a huge range of tone options.
Multi function Digitron LCD display & USB interface with midi in/out.

250 high fidelity percussive voicings with 20 kit presets, 10 user-defined drum kits and 20 demo songs
Includes full metronome, live recording and playback
Reverb and trigger curve controls to fine-tune pad response
Stereo Headphone out for practise in a quiet environment
The drums include 1x7.5" tri zone snare pad, 3x7.5" natural rebound tom pads, 2x10" cymbals with choke and adjustable tilters, 1x10" hi-hat adjustable tilters
Two pedal controllers for hi-hat and bass drum operation
Includes a 9V DC power supply and all required mounting and cables for easy straight out of the box set-up.
This kit is the ideal platform for beginner and intermediate players who require a high-quality drumming experience but can't compromise on space or noise.
By giving you full control over volume and tone in a compact package the kit enables quality practise and play in all environments.

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