Carson 25W Pistol Grip Megaphone

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Experience the power of clear and amplified communication with the Carson 25W Megaphone, a versatile tool suitable for a range of situations. Crafted with high impact plastic, this megaphone is designed to endure demanding environments while delivering superior sound projection.

Featuring a 230mm diameter horn, the megaphone ensures that your voice reaches its intended audience with clarity and precision. The pistol grip design, complete with an on/off trigger switch, allows for comfortable and intuitive control, making it easy to amplify your voice effectively.

Equipped with a convenient nylon carry strap, the Carson Megaphone is easy to transport, ensuring you can take it wherever you need to make announcements or communicate across distances. The volume control feature lets you adjust the amplification level to match your needs, whether it's a large crowd or a smaller gathering.

The siren on/off switch provides an additional layer of functionality, allowing you to alert or signal without using your voice. This makes the megaphone ideal for emergency situations or crowd management.

Powered by 8 "C" size batteries (not included), this megaphone boasts a range of up to 600 meters, ensuring your message reaches far and wide. The white body with a red battery cover adds visibility and a professional look.

Whether for emergency protocols, event management, or public addresses, the Carson 25W Megaphone offers reliability, versatility, and ease of use, making it an indispensable tool for effective communication in various settings.

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