Carson 1' (0.3m) Angled to Straight Patch Cable

SKU: 70807

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Introducing the CARSON Rocklines 1-foot patch cable, a durable and reliable solution for connecting your guitar rig components seamlessly.

This high-quality patch cable features a 7mm outer diameter straight cable, providing flexibility without compromising on durability. Its heavy-duty right-angle to straight satin chrome jack plugs with gold shafts ensure secure connections and exceptional conductivity.

Designed for convenience and performance, the CARSON Rocklines patch cable boasts a compact length of 1 foot, ideal for efficiently connecting your guitar pedals or audio devices without excess cable clutter.

With its sleek black finish and robust construction, this patch cable promises reliable signal transmission and durability, perfect for professional musicians, home studio setups, or live performances.

Upgrade your setup with the CARSON Rocklines patch cable, ensuring crystal-clear audio transmission and enduring reliability for your musical needs.

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