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The MXR Duke of Tone Overdrive is a collaboration between MXR and indie pedal builder Analog Man, offering a touch of warmth and grit to your guitar rig while preserving the natural tone and dynamics of your high-end gear. Based on the Prince of Tone Overdrive, a single-channel version of the revered King of Tone Overdrive, this pedal is designed to cater to vintage tone enthusiasts.

Analog Mike, the founder of Analog Man, personally tested and matched all the various through-hole components to ensure that the Duke of Tone Overdrive maintains the same warm, clear, and open sound found in its predecessor. The pedal lets the nuances of your signal chain shine through, capturing the individual characteristics of your guitar strings and amp tubes.

The control interface of the Duke of Tone Overdrive is straightforward and effective, featuring Volume, Drive, and Tone knobs for basic adjustments. The Boost/OD/Distortion switch allows you to set the overall attitude of the pedal's output. Boost mode provides a clean yet vigorous volume boost, OD mode adds a touch of grit and compression, and Distortion mode delivers a more pronounced amount of both.

The pedal can be creatively stacked with other gain pedals to explore different tonal possibilities. Running the Duke of Tone on 18V will provide additional headroom and clarity, particularly in Boost mode. This pedal is designed to enhance your existing tone and bring out more of your guitar's unique characteristics.

To power the MXR Duke of Tone Overdrive, you'll need to use the Dunlop ECB003 9-volt adapter or an MXR BrickTM Series power supply, as it cannot be powered by a battery. This ensures consistent and reliable performance on your pedalboard.

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