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The MXR® x Third Man Hardware Double Down™ Pedal, with the product code CSP042, is a collaboration between MXR and Third Man Hardware, designed to provide gigging guitar players with the perfect booster for their live performances. This pedal combines two separate MXR Micro Amp circuits within a single compact enclosure, allowing you to effectively boost two separate signal chains with precision and versatility. Here are the key features and benefits of the MXR Double Down™ Pedal:

1. Dual Micro Amp Circuits: This pedal is equipped with two independent MXR Micro Amp circuits, each with its Gain control. These circuits are renowned for their ability to provide a clean boost to your guitar signal, adding up to +26dB of additional power. Having two separate circuits enables you to boost two different parts of your signal chain simultaneously, making it ideal for complex setups or creative tonal shaping.

2. Phase Switch: On the left side of the pedal housing, there is a Phase switch that offers a unique stereophonic effect. Engaging this switch inverts the phase of the second output signal, creating a distinctive and spatially enhanced sound. This feature can add depth and dimension to your guitar tone, making it stand out in the mix.

3. Buffer Switch: On the right side of the pedal, you'll find a Buffer switch. This switch allows you to choose between true bypass and buffered bypass modes. True bypass is ideal for purists who want to maintain the original signal integrity when the pedal is not engaged, while buffered bypass ensures that your sound remains pristine even when you're driving two signal chains. This versatility accommodates different setups and player preferences.

4. Double Boosting Power: The MXR Double Down™ Pedal provides an ample boost that can push your amplifier or other pedals into overdrive, providing more sustain and volume for your solos or lead parts. It's a powerful tool for sculpting your tone and ensuring that your guitar cuts through the mix when you need it most.

5. Power Options: This pedal can be powered by one 9-volt battery (accessible by removing the bottom plate), a 9-volt AC adapter (such as the Dunlop ECB003/ECB003EU), or an MXR® BrickTM Series power supply. The flexibility in power options ensures that you can use it in various setups without worrying about running out of power during a performance.

In summary, the MXR® x Third Man Hardware Double Down™ Pedal is a versatile and powerful booster pedal that provides dual Micro Amp circuits for boosting your guitar signal. With added features like the Phase switch and Buffer switch, it offers creative sound-shaping possibilities and ensures signal integrity, making it an excellent choice for live performances and studio applications. Whether you need a clean volume boost or want to add spatial effects to your sound, the Double Down™ Pedal has you covered.

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