Vox Cooltron CT03-BT Brit Dual Overdrive Boost Pedal

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Introducing the Vox Cooltron Brit Boost, a pedal that captures the essence of classic British amplifier tones and delivers a versatile range of boosted sounds. With its innovative Cooltron technology, the Brit Boost provides authentic British amp-inspired overdrive and boosts to enhance your guitar's tone.

The Brit Boost pedal is designed to replicate the coveted vintage tones of iconic British tube amplifiers. It offers a warm, dynamic overdrive that adds richness and harmonics to your sound, delivering the distinctive crunch and grit that guitarists love.

With the Brit Boost, you can easily dial in the desired amount of gain and saturation using the dedicated Drive and Tone controls. From subtle bluesy overdrive to searing lead tones, this pedal offers a wide range of sonic possibilities, allowing you to tailor your sound to fit any musical style.

In addition to its exceptional overdrive capabilities, the Brit Boost features a Boost switch that provides a clean volume boost for solos or to push your amp into natural tube saturation. This feature gives you added versatility and control over your tone, allowing you to cut through the mix or create dynamic variations in your playing.

The Vox Cooltron Brit Boost is housed in a sturdy and compact enclosure, making it a perfect addition to any pedalboard setup. Its reliable construction ensures durability for both studio and stage use, while its simple and intuitive interface allows for easy operation.

Experience the legendary British amp tones and dynamic overdrive of the Vox Cooltron Brit Boost. Whether you're a classic rock enthusiast, blues player, or seeking to add vintage-inspired tones to your sound, the Brit Boost delivers the iconic British overdrive and boosting capabilities that have made Vox amplifiers legendary in the world of guitar.

The pedal is in fantastic condition with barely any signs of use, unfortunately the pedal was a little difficult to capture photographically as its surface is as reflective as a mirror.
The unit has been tested and s fully functional. The unit does not come with a case and a power supply is not included.

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