DXP DA903 14 x 5.5 Inch Marching Snare Drum

SKU: 71168

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Introducing the DXP DA903 Marching Snare Drum, a versatile and reliable instrument designed to meet the demands of marching bands and drumline performances.

With its 14" x 5½" size, this snare drum strikes a balance between depth and projection, ensuring a commanding presence in various musical settings. The drum is equipped with 8 chrome double lugs that contribute to stable and precise tuning, allowing for consistent and well-defined sound.

For added convenience during performances, the drum is fitted with a clip that accommodates an optional sling. This feature enhances mobility and comfort for drummers on the move. The package also includes a pair of sticks, ensuring you're ready to play right away.

Adorned in a sleek chrome finish, this marching snare drum not only delivers exceptional sound quality but also showcases a modern and professional appearance. Whether you're a seasoned drummer or a dedicated student, the DXP DA903 Marching Snare Drum is a valuable addition to any percussion ensemble.

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