Dunlop Crybaby Daredevil Fuzz Wah

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Unleash the raw power of your guitar with the CRY BABY® DAREDEVIL™ FUZZ WAH - DD95FW, a pedal that combines the expressive modded Cry Baby Wah with a custom fuzz circuit for a sonic experience that's bold, aggressive, and downright gnarly.

  • Collaboration with Daredevil Pedals: Created in collaboration with Daredevil Pedals proprietor and pedal builder Johnny Wator, this pedal is the result of a shared passion for vintage circuits and the desire to craft new, powerful sounds.

  • Versatile Sound Palette: The Cry Baby Daredevil Fuzz Wah merges the sweet and expressive qualities of a modded Cry Baby Wah with a custom fuzz circuit, giving you access to a full spectrum of raw and aggressive tones.

  • User-Friendly Control: The pedal's controls are straightforward, featuring a heavy-duty baseball bat switch to toggle the fuzz on and off. Beneath the pedal, you'll find two additional controls—one to set the output level when the fuzz is engaged and another to dial in your desired level of fuzz intensity.

  • Instant Lead Tones: Boost both the output and gain for instant lead tones that are ready to tear through any performance. This pedal is packed with classic old-school tones and enough power to shake the room.

  • Special Housing: The pedal comes in a special housing with a vintage crinkle finish base, a polished aluminum rocker top, and a custom design tread. Each unit is hand-built with thru-hole components and features true bypass switching.

The CRY BABY® DAREDEVIL™ FUZZ WAH - DD95FW is your ticket to full-frontal rock 'n' roll, where vintage vibes meet modern power. Elevate your guitar playing with the expressive wah and gnarly fuzz that this pedal brings to your sound. Get ready to rock like never before with Daredevil and Dunlop.

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