Remo Drum Riser

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Elevate your drumming experience with the DI-6275-70 Remo Drum Riser, a smart solution designed to enhance your comfort and the quality of your performance. This innovative accessory lifts your drum off the floor, enabling you to play with improved ease and allowing the bass tones to resonate freely.

Crafted to support a wide range of drums, this drum riser is a versatile addition to any drummer's setup. Its unique design ensures that the drum is comfortably supported by your knees, minimizing strain and discomfort during extended playing sessions.

The non-skid surface provides stability while you play, and the double-hinged folding mechanism adds to the convenience. With dimensions of 7¾" x 10", this drum riser perfectly balances portability and performance. When not in use, it folds and locks easily for efficient storage.

Upgrade your drumming experience with the Remo Drum Riser and discover a new level of comfort and resonance that enhances your playing and brings out the best in your drumming.

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