DiMarzio 1' (0.3m) Angled Patch Cable

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DIMARZIO JUMPER LEAD 12" Vintage Tweed Patch Cable/Jumper Lead

12" Vintage Tweed Patch Cable/Jumper Lead

Recognizing the need for a short "jumper" version of their famous guitar cables, DiMarzio now offers professional grade cables.
They use the same U.S.-made nylon overbraid cable as in their standard guitar cables,
delivering maximum signal transmission and minimum high-frequency loss.
Right-angle Switchcraft ends are encapsulated in a super-tough thermoplastic resin that permanently bonds the plug to the cable,
making DiMarzio jumpers so rugged and durable that they carry a lifetime warranty.
Wire Gauge: AWG 20 (0.519 mm2)
Diameter: 0.237 in. (6.02 mm)
Insulation: Polyethylene inner with PVC outer
Capacitance: 19 pF/ft (62 pF/M) cond/cond 35 pF/ft (115 pF/M) cond/shield
Shield & Material: Copper Braid + Conductive PVC 98%
Jacket & Material: PVC + Nylon Overbraid
Resistance: 5.5 ohm/1,000 ft (18 ohm/KM)
Inductance: 0.07 H/ft (0.2 H/M)
Termination Method: Silver Solder
Vintage Tweed

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