DiMarzio Elemental Acoustic Guitar Pickup

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Easy Installation Warm Natural Sound

DiMarzio are known the world over for its industry leading direct replacement guitar pickups.
Embraced and endorsed by Legendary Artists across the globe, including; Steve Van, Joe Satriani, Zach Wilde and many, many more.
What comes to mind when you hear the Elemental™ are words such as “warm” and “friendly”.
It’s sensitive to differences in picking attack, and “hears” the change in tone as the right hand moves along the string length. This makes the Elemental™ particularly suited to fingerpicking styles with small and medium-size guitars.
Like the Super Natural Plus™, the Elemental™ installs easily with foam-insulated mounting brackets.
Twelve adjustable pole pieces allow precise string balance, and there’s a convenient slide volume control and 10-foot cable.

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