Remo DJ-0014-24 Designer 14 Inch Adinkra Djembe

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DJ-0014-24 Remo - Designer Series Mondo®. Discover the captivating rhythm of the DJ-0014-24 drum from Remo's Designer Series Mondo®. With a 14" diameter Acousticon® shell towering at a height of 25", this drum presents an enchanting blend of sound and aesthetics.

The Remo Skyndeep® head at the core of this drum creates a symphony of tones, from deep resonant bass to vibrant slap tones with distinct overtones. The key-tuned contour tuning brackets grant you precise control over the drum's tonal characteristics, allowing you to shape your sound effortlessly.

Adorned with the Adinkra finish, the DJ-0014-24 drum becomes an artistic canvas of cultural expression and visual allure. With each strike, you echo the rhythms of tradition while embracing the modern innovation that defines Remo's Designer Series Mondo®.

Whether you're a seasoned percussionist or just beginning your rhythmic journey, the DJ-0014-24 drum invites you to explore the depth of sound and the beauty of design. Whether on stage, in the studio, or at home, this drum is an invitation to let your rhythms resonate with the world.

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