Remo DP-25TU-CC-71 Festival Tubano Nesting Set

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Introducing the REMO Festival Tubano® Drum Nested Set, a revolutionary ensemble designed to redefine your drumming experience. This set offers not just a collection of drums, but a gateway to convenience, exceptional sound, and innovative design.

Crafted from lightweight, environmentally recycled drum shells, these Tubanos® feature REMO's signature Fliptop™ pre-tuned synthetic drum heads. This groundbreaking technology eliminates the need for traditional tuning methods, ensuring consistent sound quality regardless of weather conditions. These drums serve as the perfect alternative to those with rawhide heads, providing reliability and ease of use.

Educational institutions will find these drums to be a true asset. The set's compact storage and lightweight construction make them incredibly convenient, offering a hassle-free playing experience. Ideal for schools and drum circles alike, these Tubanos® promise convenience without compromising on sound quality.

This remarkable pack includes three drums, each meticulously crafted to deliver distinct sound characteristics. The 10" x 24½", 12" x 24½", and 14" x 24½" Tubanos® ensure a versatile range of tones, allowing you to explore various rhythms and musical styles.

Finished in a sleek black matte, these Tubanos® exude a sense of sophistication that resonates both visually and audibly. Embrace the future of drumming with the REMO Festival Tubano® Drum Nested Set and embark on a musical journey defined by convenience, quality, and innovation.

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