Duncan Quattro Yubi Sound MIJ 80's

SKU: 21015

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SKU: 21015

An extremely rare Duncan Quattro made in 80's Japan. These guitars served as the means for Seymour Duncan to create customized instruments where he could install his pickups before finalizing an agreement with ESP guitars. This originally off white guitar has faded beautifully to a lovely cream over the last 40 years. Pick ups are a perfect combination for sparkly cleans and ripping through distortion.

Body Material: Alder
Neck Material: Maple
Neck shape: C
Fingerboard Material: Rosewood (22F)
Inlay : Dot
Nut (width): about 41mm
Peg : Original
Scale: about 648mm
Bridge : Original
Pickup: Seymour Duncan Humbucker & Single Coil
Switch: PU select mini switch
Control: 1vol
Weight: 3.56kg

This guitar is in good condition, it has its fair share of scratches and dings, notably on the front edge at the arm contour. The neck is very smooth and has only a few blemishes. There are a few marks on the headstock also. The lacquer has faded on most of the body. However it has faded quite evenly, and the only real evidence of fading is the original colour still intact below the floyd rose and neck overhang. The frets are in great condition and there is plenty of life left in the, the action at the 12th fret is 1.5mm and the guitar plays great!
The bridge system is not original to the guitar, the locking nut also does not perfectly fit the slot, there is a slight underhang, the E to E however has perfect spacing neither of these factors affect the playability negatively. The current floyd is a licensed Takeuchi TRT-1 which is a Japanese made Floyd originally for Ibanez guitars in 1988. The guitar also has a little bit of patina forming on some of the hardware. The back plate is also missing. The guitar is missing its tremolo arm too.

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