DXP Junior Drum Kit Black Outfit

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Kids Drum Kit Black

Presenting the TXJ3BK DXP Junior Series, a comprehensive 3-piece drum outfit tailored for young and aspiring drummers. This thoughtfully curated set includes everything needed to kick-start a musical journey, ensuring a well-rounded and engaging drumming experience.

The drum kit includes the following components:

  • 12"x10" Bass Drum (6 lugs): The heart of the rhythm section, this bass drum provides a solid foundation with its resonant sound. The 6 lugs allow for precise tuning adjustments, helping young drummers achieve the desired tone.

  • 8"x4½" Mounted Tom Tom (4 lugs): This mounted tom tom adds depth to the drum kit's sound. With 4 lugs, it's easy to tune and produces clear, melodic tones.

  • 8"x3½" Snare Drum (4 lugs): The snare drum is a versatile and essential element of any drum kit. Its sharp and distinctive sound cuts through the mix. The 4 lugs offer tuning flexibility for a range of sounds.

  • Tom Tom and Cymbal Holder: This holder provides a convenient way to mount the mounted tom tom and the included 8" cymbal. It ensures stability during playing.

  • 8" Cymbal: The included cymbal adds dynamic accents and shimmering tones to the drumming. It's a versatile addition that enhances the overall sound palette.

  • Snare Stand and Bass Drum Pedal: These two components are crucial for comfortable and effective playing. The snare stand holds the snare drum at the desired height, while the bass drum pedal translates foot movements into bass drum beats.

The drum hoops are finished in black, while the white drum heads offer a classic visual contrast. The black color scheme of the drum set lends a sleek and professional look to the kit.

The TXJ3BK DXP Junior Series is designed to provide young drummers with a solid foundation in rhythm and percussion. Whether practicing at home or performing with friends, this drum outfit offers a complete and accessible drumming experience.

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