DXP Junior Drum Kit Black

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For ages up to 11 Years Padded Stool and Sticks (Gloss Black)

Introducing the TXJ5BK DXP Junior Series, an exciting 5-piece drum outfit designed to inspire and ignite the passion for drumming in young musicians. This comprehensive drum set provides all the essential components needed to create dynamic and captivating rhythms.

The drum kit includes:

  • 16"x11" Bass Drum (4 double lugs): The deep and resonant bass drum forms the foundation of the kit. With 4 double lugs, tuning and maintenance are straightforward.

  • 12"x10" Floor Tom (4 double lugs): The floor tom adds depth and character to the overall sound. Its 4 double lugs ensure stability and ease of tuning.

  • 10"x6" Tom Tom (4 double lugs): Offering a melodic touch to the ensemble, the 10" tom tom brings versatility to your drumming.

  • 8"x6" Tom Tom (4 double lugs): The 8" tom tom adds variety to your drumming dynamics, allowing for a range of expressive sounds.

  • 10"x5" Coloured Shell Snare Drum (4 double lugs): The snare drum provides sharp and distinctive beats. Its 4 double lugs make tuning hassle-free.

  • Tom Tom Holder and Cymbal Holder: These holders ensure stability while mounting the tom toms and cymbals, facilitating seamless transitions between different components.

  • 10" Cymbal on Holder: Adding texture and accents to your beats, the 10" cymbal enhances the overall sound palette.

  • 8" Hi-Hat Cymbals on Stand: The hi-hat cymbals provide a versatile range of sounds and dynamics. The stand ensures proper positioning and easy control.

  • Drum Throne: The drum throne offers comfort and support, allowing for hours of enjoyable playing.

  • Snare Stand and Bass Pedal: These components enhance playing comfort and efficiency. The snare stand securely holds the snare drum, while the bass pedal translates foot movements into impactful bass drum beats.

  • Pair of Drum Sticks: The included drum sticks are essential tools for unleashing your drumming creativity.

The black finish of the drum kit exudes a classic and stylish look, complementing any musical setting. The TXJ5BK DXP Junior Series is the perfect choice for young drummers to develop their skills, explore their musical potential, and embark on an exciting journey of rhythm and expression.

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