DXP Junior Drum Kit Black

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For ages up to 11 Years Padded Stool and Sticks (Gloss Black)

This quality 5 piece Kid's Drum kit comes complete with padded drummers throne, hit hats, crash cymbal and sticks.
Suitable for ages up to 11 years.
This little beauty fills the gap between the very small toy shop style kits and full sized professional kits.
The kit consists of:
16" x 11" Bass Drum & Bass Drum Pedal
12" x 10" Floor tom
8" x 6" and 10" x 6" mounted toms
10" Snare drum
10" Crash Cymbal
8" Hi Hats on stand
Padded Seat
Pair of Drumsticks.
Gloss Black Finish
This is a playable and tunable drum kit not a toy.

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