DXP Junior Drum Kit Metallic Blue

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ForAges Up To 11 Years Padded Stool and Sticks (Metallic Blue)

Presenting the TXJ5MBL DXP Junior Series, a vibrant 5-piece drum set that combines outstanding sound with a striking metallic blue finish. This drum outfit is carefully designed to offer young drummers a complete and dynamic playing experience.

Included in the package are:

  • 16"x11" Bass Drum (4 double lugs): The bass drum provides a strong foundation for your beats, supported by its 4 double lugs for easy tuning and stability.

  • 12"x10" Floor Tom (4 double lugs): The floor tom delivers a deep and resonant sound, enhancing the overall tonal richness of the kit. Its 4 double lugs ensure consistent tuning.

  • 10"x6" Tom Tom (4 double lugs): The 10" tom tom adds melodic elements to your drumming, allowing you to create a variety of captivating rhythms.

  • 8"x6" Tom Tom (4 double lugs): With the 8" tom tom, you have the flexibility to explore different tonalities and textures in your playing.

  • 10"x5" Coloured Shell Snare Drum (4 double lugs): The snare drum, with its distinctive crack and snap, brings character and definition to your beats. Its 4 double lugs make tuning straightforward.

  • Tom Tom Holder and Cymbal Holder: These holders ensure secure placement for the tom toms and cymbals, enabling smooth transitions during your performance.

  • 10" Cymbal on Holder: The 10" cymbal adds shimmer and accents to your drumming, enhancing the overall sound palette.

  • 8" Hi-Hat Cymbals on Stand: The hi-hat cymbals provide a wide range of expressive possibilities. The included stand ensures stability and control.

  • Drum Throne: The drum throne offers comfort and support, allowing you to focus on your playing without discomfort.

  • Snare Stand and Bass Pedal: These components contribute to your playing comfort and efficiency. The snare stand securely holds the snare drum, while the bass pedal translates your footwork into impactful bass drum beats.

  • Pair of Drum Sticks: Included are a pair of drum sticks, essential tools for unleashing your creative drumming style.

The captivating metallic blue finish adds a touch of elegance to the kit, making it a visual standout as well as an auditory delight. The TXJ5MBL DXP Junior Series is the perfect choice for young drummers who want to explore the world of rhythm and music in style.

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