DXP 3 Piece Junior Drum Kit

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Kids Drum Kit Suits Ages Up To 7 Y.O.

Introducing the TXJ3WR DXP Junior Series, an exciting 3-piece drum outfit designed to inspire young drummers on their musical journey. This comprehensive drum set comes with all the essential components needed for an engaging and dynamic drumming experience.

The drum kit includes:

  • 12"x10" Bass Drum (6 lugs): The foundation of the rhythm, the bass drum delivers a deep and powerful sound. With 6 lugs, it's easy to tune and achieve the desired tone.

  • 8"x4½" Mounted Tom Tom (4 lugs): Adding melodic elements to the rhythm, the mounted tom tom offers versatility in creating captivating beats. Its 4 lugs allow for simple tuning adjustments.

  • 8"x3½" Snare Drum (4 lugs): The snare drum provides a sharp and distinctive sound. With 4 lugs, it's easy to tune and customize the snare's tone.

  • Tom Tom and Cymbal Holder: This holder ensures stability while mounting the mounted tom tom and the included 8" cymbal, allowing smooth transitions between different parts of the kit.

  • 8" Cymbal: Adding dynamic accents and textures, the cymbal enhances the overall drumming experience.

  • Snare Stand and Bass Drum Pedal: These components enhance playing comfort and efficiency. The snare stand holds the snare drum at an optimal height, while the bass drum pedal translates foot movements into impactful bass drum beats.

The wine red finish of the drum kit brings a touch of elegance and sophistication, adding a personal and stylish element to the overall look of the drum set.

The TXJ3WR DXP Junior Series is designed to provide young drummers with a solid foundation in rhythm and percussion. Whether practicing at home, jamming with friends, or exploring their musical creativity, this drum outfit offers a complete and captivating drumming experience that's perfect for fostering a love for music.

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