Remo E1-0310-00 10 Inch Buffalo Drum

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Embark on a rhythmic journey that transcends time with the REMO E1-0310-00 Buffalo drum. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant musical traditions of the indigenous cultures of the Americas, this drum captures the essence of their heritage while delivering a modern touch.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Buffalo drum boasts an Acousticon® shell with a diameter of 10" and a height of 3½". This larger size allows for a deeper resonance and a more immersive playing experience. The drum is adorned with a pre-tuned Fiberskyn® head, ensuring that you can dive straight into its captivating tones without the need for tuning.

A rope suspension handle graces the drum, adding an element of authenticity and convenience. This handle not only pays homage to the traditional methods of playing but also serves as a practical means of carrying the drum wherever your rhythm takes you.

Included with the Buffalo drum is a mallet, which enables you to effortlessly explore its sonic possibilities. From evoking ancient echoes to creating contemporary beats, the REMO Buffalo drum in its 10" rendition is a bridge between cultural heritage and modern music, inviting you to be part of a timeless musical narrative.

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