Dunlop Yellow Fasel Inductor

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Unleash Vintage Wah Tones with the Dunlop FL01Y Fasel Inductor - Yellow

Unlock the secrets of iconic wah tones with the Dunlop FL01Y (ECFL1) Fasel Inductor - Yellow. This small component carries the heritage of the legendary Italian-made Cry Baby Wah pedals from the psychedelic '60s and funk-infused '70s, and now you can bring that magic to your own pedal.

The Holy Grail of Wah Components: The Fasel Inductor is the heart of those legendary wah pedals that defined an era of music. It's the secret sauce behind those sweet, expressive wah tones that are a hallmark of vintage recordings.

Vintage Design: The authentic yellow cup core model is a pure vintage design that offers the same sweet, singing tones that made these pedals famous. It's like a time machine for your guitar tone.

Professional Installation Recommended: The Fasel Inductor is a delicate component that requires precision installation. It's highly recommended to have a qualified technician handle the installation to ensure you get the best results.

Dunlop Electronic Parts are designed with the qualified technician in mind. If you're not experienced with installing electronic components, it's a good idea to have a pro do it for you. Once your Fasel Inductor is wired up, your tone will transform, and you'll be capturing the essence of vintage rock and funk with every wah sweep. Elevate your guitar sound with Dunlop.

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