SX 6-string Lap Steel Electric Guitar in Black

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Presenting the SX LG3 6-String Lap Steel Guitar in a sleek black finish, designed to bring the distinctive sound of lap steel to your musical repertoire. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this lap steel guitar offers a unique playing experience with a comfortable basswood body and a smooth rosewood fretboard.

The solid basswood body provides a strong foundation for generating rich and resonant tones, making each note sing with clarity and warmth. Enhancing playability, the fretboard features dot inlays with 35 printed fret markers, ensuring you can effortlessly navigate your way through the musical landscape.

The lap steel guitar boasts an open slot headstock, adding a touch of vintage charm to its overall design. Fitted with a black single-coil pickup, this instrument captures the signature lap steel sound, perfect for creating expressive melodies and captivating solos.

With volume and tone controls, equipped with chrome dome top knobs, you have the power to shape your sound precisely to your liking. The chrome fixed bridge and nut contribute to the guitar's stability and intonation, guaranteeing a consistent and reliable performance.

For smooth and accurate tuning, the lap steel guitar incorporates chrome die-cast machine heads, ensuring your strings stay in tune throughout your playing sessions.

Factory-fitted with string gauges .012, .014, .024, .032, .042, and .052, you can expect a balanced and versatile set of strings that are ready to inspire your creativity.

Included in this package is a stylish SX gig bag, offering protection and portability for your lap steel guitar. Additionally, a slide is provided, an essential tool for achieving that distinctive slide guitar sound.

Whether you're a seasoned lap steel player or an aspiring enthusiast, the SX LG3 6-String Lap Steel Guitar is a fantastic choice to explore new sonic territories, and with its exceptional build quality and thoughtful inclusions, it is prepared to be your loyal companion on your musical journey.

SX 6-stringed Lap-steel guitar.
basswood body.
rosewood fretboard.
Gigbag and slide included.
Solid basswood body.
Dot inlays with 35 printed fret markers.
Open slot headstock.
1 black single coil pickup.
Volume and tone controls with chrome dome top knobs.
Chrome fixed bridge and nut.
Chrome die-cast machine heads.
Factory string gauges .012 .014 .024 .032 .042 .052.
Complete with SX gig bag and slide

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