SX Ash Series 6-String Lap Steel Electric Guitar in Natural Satin

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Introducing the SX LG22 Lap Steel Guitar, a true masterpiece designed for the discerning lap steel enthusiasts and guitar players alike. With its exceptional features and craftsmanship, this instrument delivers an exceptional playing experience that will inspire your musical creativity.

Crafted with precision, the SX LG22 boasts a stunning solid American swamp ash neck-through-body construction, ensuring unparalleled sustain and resonance. The six-string lap steel guitar has a classic guitar-shaped body, providing a familiar and comfortable feel for guitarists transitioning to lap steel.

The rosewood fingerboard adds a touch of elegance, and the pearloid dot inlays not only enhance its appearance but also act as useful markers for easy navigation across the fretboard. With 35 inlaid celluloid fret markers, you can explore your musical ideas with precision and accuracy.

The open slot headstock adds a vintage touch to the design, and the polished SX logo plate exudes sophistication and attention to detail.

Equipped with a powerful black dog ear soapbar pickup, the SX LG22 captures the essence of lap steel sound with remarkable clarity and tonal depth. The volume and tone controls with chrome knobs allow you to shape your sound to perfection, ensuring you find the right balance for your musical expression.

The lap steel guitar features an adjustable wrap-over chrome tailpiece and cover plate, providing excellent tuning stability and intonation. Additionally, an aluminum nut contributes to smooth string action and consistent performance.

For reliable and precise tuning, the chrome die-cast machine heads are the perfect choice, ensuring your strings stay in tune during extended playing sessions.

Factory-fitted with string gauges .012, .014, .024w, .032w, .042w, and .052w, the SX LG22 offers a balanced and versatile set of strings suitable for various playing styles.

Included in this package is a heavy-duty padded bag, providing optimal protection for your precious lap steel guitar during transport and storage. Furthermore, the lap steel legs are thoughtfully included, ensuring you have everything you need to start playing right away.

In summary, the SX LG22 Lap Steel Guitar is a testament to superior craftsmanship, exceptional sound quality, and attention to detail. With its splendid features and sturdy build, this instrument is ready to accompany you on your musical journey, whether you're a seasoned lap steel player or a guitarist eager to explore new sonic possibilities.

6 string, guitar shaped
Solid American swamp ash neck through body construction.
Rosewood fingerboard
Pearloid dot inlays.
35 inlaid celluloid fret markers.
Open slot headstock
Polished SX logo plate.
1 black dog ear soapbar pickup.
Volume and tone controls with chrome knobs.
Adjustable wrap-over chrome tailpiece and cover plate.
Aluminum nut.
Chrome diecast machine heads.
Factory string gauges:- .012 .014 .024w .032w .042w .052w
Heavy Duty Padded Bag
Lap Steel Legs included

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