EVANS 8" Coated Drum Head

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Warmth Tone & Focus

Evans coated G1 series features a single ply of 10mil film blending bright tone, sustain, sensitivity, and durability.
The G1 head sets the standard for an open and expressive sound.
Tuned low, it produces a cavernous rumble that emphasizes the natural sound of the shell.
The coated version delivers additional warmth, focus, and depth.
Evans Level 360 technology is incorporated to extend the level playing surface of the drumhead, 360 degrees around the drum.
The vertically enhanced collar design guarantees even contact with the critical bearing edge of the drum shell, resulting in: ease of tuning, extended pitch range and optimum quality of sound.
Evans Level 360 technology resolves the age-old dilemma of traditional synthetic heads consistently not fitting the drum shell without using considerable force.

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