Laney Four Way Switch

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The Laney FS4 is a specialized footswitch designed to offer precise control over up to four features on amplifiers that require multiple functions to be switched. Built with durability and functionality in mind, the FS4 ensures clear indication of the selected functions and provides flexibility in cable length. Here's an overview of its key features:

  1. 4-Way Switching: The FS4 is dedicated to switching up to four features on your amplifier. This makes it particularly useful for amps with a range of functions that you need to toggle during performance.

  2. High-Quality Components: Laney's commitment to quality is evident in the FS4, as it is manufactured using top-notch switch components. This ensures reliable and consistent performance over time.

  3. Robust Chassis: The FS4 is housed in a steel chassis, adding to its durability. This rugged construction is designed to withstand the rigors of live performances and regular use.

  4. LED Indicators: Each switch on the FS4 is equipped with a different colored LED indicator, making it easy to see which functions are currently active or switched off. This visual feedback is especially useful in dimly lit environments.

  5. 5-Pin DIN Connector: The FS4 features a 5-pin DIN connector, which allows you to use standard 5-pin DIN cables. This connector type is readily available in many music stores, providing convenience in cable replacement or extension.

  6. Cable and Sticker Kit: The FS4 comes with a 3-meter cable as standard, giving you ample length to position the footswitch where you need it. Additionally, the pedal includes a sticker kit to label the function switches, ensuring quick identification during use.

The Laney FS4 offers comprehensive control over multiple amplifier functions, backed by durable construction, clear LED indicators, and the flexibility to use standard 5-pin DIN cables. It's a reliable tool for musicians who require precise switching of up to four features on their amplifiers.

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