Fernandes FST-65 15th Anniversary Strat

SKU: 20987

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SKU: 20987

Fernandes FST-65 15th Anniversary Strat made in the mid to late 80's Japan. This super strat is a great example of a vintage Japanese shred machine. Very versatile tonally. High output passive HSS pick up configuration that handles distortion extremely well, and of course the single coils provide a bright and clear clean tone. Can be compared to an 80's Ibanez. FRT style locking tremolo system that's made for those who love a whammy. Great for those big solos. Plays very well, you can set this thing nice and low which caters for that shred style of playing. Has a cool 15th Anniversary inlay on the fretboard too.

This guitar is in decent condition. It has its fair share of scratches and blemishes but nothing that effects the playability. Missing back plate. No previous signs of repair. Action at the 12th fret is 2mm. Does not come with bag or case.

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