Gotoh G51 3AS 21:1 Crome Bulb Button Machine Heads

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The Gotoh G51 Deluxe Machine Heads are recognized as super tuners with an exceptional level of quality and precision. Here are the key features of these machine heads:

  1. Machine Head Style: The G51 machine heads have a deluxe design with bulb-style buttons. The chrome finish provides a classic and stylish appearance.

  2. Super Tuner Reputation: Gotoh is well-regarded worldwide for producing super tuners. These machine heads are known for their exceptional quality and performance, making them a popular choice among musicians.

  3. Ultra Smooth Feel: The G51 machine heads offer an ultra-smooth tuning experience. This ensures that you can make precise and smooth tuning adjustments with ease.

  4. 21:1 Gear Ratio: A standout feature of the Gotoh G51 machine heads is their remarkable 21:1 gear ratio. This high gear ratio allows for extremely fine and accurate tuning adjustments, contributing to tuning stability.

  5. 3-a-side Configuration: The set is configured for a 3-a-side headstock layout. This is commonly found on guitars like Gibson Les Paul models.

  6. Japanese Quality: Gotoh is a well-known Japanese brand recognized for its precision engineering and quality craftsmanship. These machine heads reflect the brand's commitment to excellence.

The Gotoh G51 Deluxe Machine Heads, with their super tuner reputation and world-first 21:1 gear ratio, are designed to provide an extraordinary tuning experience. They offer smooth, accurate tuning adjustments, making them an excellent choice for musicians who demand the utmost precision and reliability from their machine heads.

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