Tenacious Gaffa Tape 48mm x 30m Smooth Flat Black Cloth

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48mm x 30 Metres Super Matt A New Industry Standard

We went back to the drawing board with this product and have tried to develop a true Gaffer's Tape, with the best possible compromise in features.
The secret of this product is its 140 mesh easy tear cloth (75% greater than the Nashua 357 or the Tenacious 70864)
This gives the product great tensile strength but also confers on the PE a wonderful smooth matt finish.
Matt finish makes tape far less reflective than commonly used gloss gaffers and looks better
140 mesh cloth means more cloth for the adhesive to hold onto and so it is less prone to leaving adhesive residue on surfaces when removed
The black adhesive allows the tape to be used for mask-out work.
Unlike many gaffer tapes which have a light coloured adhesive, there is no adhesive visible from the sides
Additives in adhesive to make it less susceptible to leaving residue on vinyl cables
Matt finish is less prone to gripping on synthetic soles and causing a tripping hazard

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