Dunlop Crybaby GCB65 Custom Badass Dual Inductor Edition

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Unlock the full spectrum of iconic wah tones with the Cry Baby Custom Badass™ Dual-Inductor Edition Wah. This limited edition pedal combines the legendary voices of the Halo™ Inductor and the red Fasel® Inductor, offering a dynamic and expressive palette for your musical journey.

The Halo Inductor, known for its soul-stirring tones that graced the British blues era, delivers a wide and highly expressive sweep with a throaty midrange that hints at feedback. Choose this Inductor to add richness and punch to your lead tones, allowing your emotions to sing through your instrument.

On the other hand, the red Fasel Inductor represents the modern era of Cry Baby Wah sound, offering bright clarity and lush harmonics. Combined with the circuitry of the GCB95, this inductor allows you to kick it on at super high volumes without any unwanted squeal. When you need high gain and big, crunchy chords, the red Fasel Inductor delivers the goods.

With the kickswitch conveniently located on the right side of the pedal, you can seamlessly go back and forth between the Halo and Fasel Inductors, opening up a world of sonic possibilities at your feet.

Customize the sound of each inductor to suit any situation with their individual toe-down frequency controls. Balance them out or emphasize their natural qualities to fit your playing style. Dial back the toe-down frequency for the red Fasel Inductor's clarity with smoother highs, or crank it up for an aggressive sound that cuts through the mix. Similarly, you can fine-tune the Halo Inductor for extra definition or indulge in its rich, dark subtlety. Whether you switch between guitars with different tonal profiles or desire consistent wah tone, these toe-down frequency controls have got you covered.

Convenient LEDs indicate when the pedal is engaged and which inductor you've selected, keeping you in full control of your sound.

The custom double tread design on the rocker enhances your foot's grip, allowing you to lean into every note with confidence.

Why settle for one wah voice when you can have the best of both worlds in a single pedal? Discover the ultimate expressions of Cry Baby Wah tone with the limited edition Cry Baby Custom Badass™ Dual-Inductor Wah and let your music speak with the voices of legacy and innovation.

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