Dunlop DVP4 Volume X Mini

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Discover the power of control without compromising space on your pedalboard with the Volume (X)™ Mini Pedal. Packing all the functionality of its larger counterpart, the DVP3, into a compact design, this pedal ensures durability and efficiency. Crafted with a lightweight aluminium chassis, robust non-slip tread, and our renowned Low Friction Band-Drive technology, it guarantees smooth movement and unwavering performance. You can tailor the rocker tension for ideal comfort and accuracy.

The AUX output cleverly combines tuner and expression capabilities into one jack, switchable internally. When used as an expression pedal, an internal pot lets you set the minimum parameter level you're controlling with the rocker. Need to switch the heel-down and toe-down functions? The DVP4 has you covered with another internal switch.

Embrace precise volume and FX parameter control without compromising your compact setup. Elevate your pedalboard with the Volume (X) Mini Pedal.

H = 152mm
W = 76mm

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