Dunlop Crybaby LN95 Leo Nocentelli Mardi Gras Wah

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Celebrate the essence of funk and the spirit of New Orleans with the Leo Nocentelli Cry Baby Mardi Gras Wah, a pedal that pays tribute to the legendary guitarist and founding member of The Meters, Leo Nocentelli. Born and raised in the magical city of New Orleans, Leo's sizzling guitar licks redefined the NOLA sound and left an indelible mark on the music world, influencing artists of all genres across the globe. One of his secret weapons was the iconic Cry Baby Wah, which he used to sling slick and syrupy grooves on timeless classics like "I Just Kissed My Baby."

Dressed in vibrant colors of deep purple, flashy gold, and cash-money green, and adorned with a custom fleur-de-lis tread, the Cry Baby Mardi Gras Wah embodies the spirit of Bourbon Street, coming straight from the hands of the Meter Man himself. With a lowered frequency range, this pedal delivers warm and vocalic wah tones, capturing the magic that Leo has conjured throughout his illustrious career.

Now, the magic of Leo Nocentelli's funky artistry can be yours to wield. All you need is a gang of funk in your fingers and a whole lot of soul in your good foot. Let the Leo Nocentelli Cry Baby Mardi Gras Wah take you on a musical journey through the heart and soul of New Orleans, and let your own creativity flow with the greasiest effect ever conceptualized. With this pedal at your feet, you'll be able to infuse your music with the unmistakable spirit of NOLA funk, just like Leo Nocentelli himself. Get ready to groove, get ready to funk, and get ready to make your guitar sing with the Leo Nocentelli Cry Baby Mardi Gras Wah.

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