Grover GRO104 3AS Chrome 18:1 Rotomatic Machine Heads

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The Grover 102-18 Original Rotomatic Machine Heads offer an excellent combination of traditional design with improved gearing. Here are the key features of these machine heads:

  1. Machine Head Style: These machine heads feature the original Rotomatic design with a deluxe diecast housing. The chrome finish adds a classic look to your guitar.

  2. Gear Ratio: One of the standout features of the Grover 102-18 Rotomatics is the 18:1 gear ratio. This higher ratio gearing enables finer tuning adjustments, providing greater tuning stability.

  3. Singles, 3-a-side Configuration: The set includes singles, making it suitable for a 3-a-side headstock configuration. This is commonly found on guitars like Gibson Les Paul models.

  4. Backlash Elimination: The finer gears in these machine heads offer smoother tuning and a higher degree of backlash elimination. This means your tuning adjustments are more precise, with minimal slipping or play in the gears.

  5. Package Contents: The package includes washers, bushings, and wood screws, which are essential components for installing the machine heads onto your guitar.

The Grover 102-18 Original Rotomatic Machine Heads are an excellent choice for those seeking a traditional appearance with modern tuning performance. The higher gear ratio allows for more precise and stable tuning, making them a valuable addition to your guitar setup.

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