Grover GRO135G LP 3AS Vintage Gold Machine Heads

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The Grover GRO135G Vintage Acoustic/Electric Machine Heads are a high-quality set of 6 deluxe machine heads designed for acoustic and electric guitars. Here are the key features:

  1. Machine Head Style: These machine heads feature a vintage, single, diecast design with a classic tulip-style shape and pearloid buttons. The gold-plated finish adds a touch of elegance to your guitar's appearance.

  2. Configuration: The set includes 3 machine heads for the treble side and 3 machine heads for the bass side of the headstock, commonly referred to as "3-a-side" tuners.

  3. Gear Ratio: The machine heads have a 14 to 1 gear ratio, which allows for precise tuning adjustments with ease.

  4. Longer Shafts: The machine heads come with longer shafts, making them suitable for US-made Les Paul (LP) guitars. These longer shafts ensure compatibility and proper fitting for such guitars.

These Grover machine heads are a popular choice among guitarists for their combination of vintage aesthetics and reliable tuning performance, making them a great addition to your instrument.

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