Grover GRO150 3AS Imperial Machine Heads

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The Grover GRO150 Imperial Tuners are designed to match the specifications of the original tuners from the 1950s. Here are the key features of these machine heads:

  1. Machine Head Style: The GRO150 tuners feature a design that replicates the vintage tuners used on guitars from the 1950s. This makes them ideal for players who want to maintain a classic or retro look on their instruments.

  2. Diecast Housing: The machine heads are constructed with deluxe diecast housing, which provides durability and stability to your guitar's tuning system. This robust construction ensures that the tuners can withstand the rigors of live performances and regular use.

  3. 3 Step Buttons: The 3-step buttons on these tuners offer a comfortable grip and precise control when adjusting your guitar's tuning. They are designed to make the tuning process smooth and easy.

  4. 14:1 Gear Ratio: The 14:1 gear ratio allows for precise and fine-tuned adjustments when tuning your guitar. It offers excellent tuning accuracy and control, making it easier to achieve the desired pitch for each string.

  5. 7.5mm Shaft Diameter: The machine heads feature a 7.5mm shaft diameter, which is a standard size suitable for most guitars. This makes them compatible with a wide range of instruments.

The Grover GRO150 Imperial Tuners are an excellent choice for those looking to maintain the vintage aesthetic and performance of guitars from the 1950s. These machine heads are made to exact specifications to ensure they match the look and feel of the original tuners while providing modern performance and durability. With a 14:1 gear ratio and comfortable 3-step buttons, these tuners offer precise tuning and control for your instrument.

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