Grover GRO203G 3AS Gold Mini Machine Heads

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The Grover GRO203 Mini Machine Heads are a set of 6 individual machine heads designed for guitars with 3 tuners on each side of the headstock (3-a-side configuration). Here are the key features:

  1. Machine Head Style: These machine heads feature a compact and mini design with deluxe diecast housing. The small buttons make them suitable for guitars with limited space on the headstock.

  2. Gear Ratio: The machine heads have a 14:1 gear ratio. This gear ratio allows for precise tuning adjustments, making it easier to achieve the desired pitch.

  3. Finish: The machine heads come in a gold finish, which provides a classic and clean look to complement your guitar's aesthetics.

These Grover mini machine heads are designed to offer smooth and accurate tuning for your guitar, particularly for instruments where space is limited on the headstock. The individual packaging ensures that each machine head is protected and ready for installation.

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