Grover GRO35 3AS Medium Chrome Rotomatic Machine Heads

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The Grover GH305 Rotomatic Mid-Size Machine Heads are designed to offer exceptional tuning stability and precision for your guitar. Here are the key features:

  1. Machine Head Style: These machine heads have a Rotomatic design with deluxe diecast housing and feature an offset tab. The chrome finish gives your guitar a classic and stylish look.

  2. Gear Ratio: The Grover GH305 machine heads are known for their high gear ratio of 18:1. This gear ratio allows for very fine and accurate tuning adjustments, making it easier to achieve the perfect pitch.

  3. Mid-Size Series: These machine heads are part of the Mid-Size Series, which means they are slightly larger than the Mini Rotomatics. The increased size can provide more comfortable handling while tuning.

  4. 3-a-side Configuration: The set includes three machine heads in a 3-a-side configuration. This configuration is commonly used on guitars like Gibson Les Pauls and similar models with a distinctive headstock shape.

  5. Package Contents: The package includes the necessary components for installation, making it convenient for replacing or upgrading your guitar's tuning pegs.

The Grover GH305 Rotomatic Mid-Size Machine Heads are known for their quality, durability, and the enhanced gear ratio they offer. They are designed to provide stable and precise tuning for your guitar, which is essential for musicians who demand accuracy and reliability in their instrument.

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