Dunlop Crybaby SC95 Slash Crybaby Classic Wah

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Introducing the Slash Cry Baby Classic Wah - the iconic wah pedal custom-voiced in collaboration with the legendary Slash himself, designed to deliver the raw, expressive sound that has influenced generations of guitar players.

Slash's epic solos and gritty, blues-influenced rock have been synonymous with the Cry Baby, and this special edition wah-wah takes it to a whole new level. Tuned to a lower frequency and featuring a custom-wound resonance inductor, the Slash Cry Baby Classic boasts a massive dynamic range and an incredibly wide sweep, allowing you to infuse your playing with that signature Slash sound.

Equipped with two side-mounted blue LEDs, you can easily see the ON/OFF status from any angle on stage, ensuring you're always in control of your effect. The Slash Cry Baby Classic is built with top-quality components, including a true hardwire bypass switch and a long-life pot, providing reliability for all your performances.

Housed in a rugged, heavy-duty die-cast casing adorned with custom Slash artwork and a distressed hot-rod paintjob, this pedal not only looks cool but also stands up to the demands of the road.

Whether you're performing in front of thousands or jamming in your garage, the Slash Cry Baby Classic Wah lets you channel Slash's iconic sound and create epic solos that will leave a lasting impression. Unleash your inner rock legend with the Slash Cry Baby Classic Wah and take your guitar playing to new heights.

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