Graphtech Ratio Ukulele Machine Heads

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Graphtech PRU-5004-BK Ukulele Machineheads

RATIO® patented gear technology
RATIO® - Calibrated  Uke Machineheads incorporate different string gauges into the tuning equation.

Tune-a-Lele Ukulele tuners are the worlds lightest machine heads, with a uke friendly 6:1 gear ratio!

This super light, yet strong machine head makes ukes balanced, not headstock heavy, and with zero back lash makes tuning so much easier. 

Gear ratio: 6:1
Peg holes diameter required: 0.236" (6mm)
String post diameter: 0.232" (5.9mm)

Bushings diameter: 0.344" (8.75mm)
String post length to string hole: 0.732” (18.6mm)
Weight per single machine head: 0.015lbs (7g)
Weight per set of six: 0.066lbs (30g)
String diameter up to 50 gauge (up to 1.3mm diameter)
Includes 4 machine heads, mounting screws and bushings

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