Handy Patch 6' (1.8m) USB Extension Cable

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USB-A Male connector and a USB-A Female

Handy Patch USB USB Type 2.0 A Male to Type A Female Double Shielded Extension Cable.
Featuring the most common version of the USB connector, this cable has USB-A Male connector and a USB-A Female connector to accommodate extending a standard USB cable.
USB-A is the standard USB connector found on every computer.
The standard length of USB cable will suffice in most domestic situations but often for studio and live applications you will often require a longer USB cable.
The Handy Patch H-UEX-1.8 USB cable allows you to utilise your standard USB cable, by plugging your USB-A Male connection into the Type A Female socket to extends its length by 1.8 metres.
Length 1.8 Metres

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