Hohner Marine Band Crossover Harmonica Key of C

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The World’s Best Diatonic Harmonica

Hohner’s Marine Band Crossover Harmonicas are widely considered the world’s best diatonic harmonica.
They come in all 12 standard keys, plus a High G.
Reed plates are made by Hohner using a Modern Compomise Tuning.
This diatonic tuning design allows for playing individual notes across different keys, or modes, whilst also being able to produce a full chord sound.
Reeds are set for a fast and powerful response, perfect for professional players.
The patented bamboo comb construction increases bulk comb density and surface hardness.
This prevents the comb warping, shrinking or swelling, whilst still providing a great tone.
The triple lacquered comb surface provides an air-tight seal.
Reed plates and cover plates use screws for easy assembly and maintenance.
Reinforced cover plates with side vents and open back for more volume.
Rounded reed plate edges and comb hole openings for smoother playing.
Includes sturdy zippered case which allows moisture out, but keeps dust free
Made in Germany

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