Laney Ironheart Foundry Loud Pedal Amplifier

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The Laney Ironheart Foundry Loudpedal Amplifier Pedal is a versatile and powerful tool for guitarists, offering a range of features that make it suitable for various playing styles and setups. Here's an overview of its key specifications:

  1. Power Output: The pedal delivers 60 watts RMS, providing ample power for stage and studio applications.

  2. Dual Channels: It features two independent channels, each with its own Gain and Volume controls.

  3. Channel 1 Modes: Channel 1 offers selectable clean, rhythm, and lead gain modes, allowing you to switch between different tonal characteristics within the same channel.

  4. Channel 2 Voicing: Channel 2 has selectable bright, natural, and dark voicing options, enabling you to shape the overall tone to suit your preferences.

  5. Tone Controls: A 3-band passive tone stack is available for fine-tuning the frequency response of your sound.

  6. Input Pre-Boost: The pedal includes an input pre-boost level control, allowing you to adjust the level of boost before the signal hits the amp's gain stages.

  7. Balanced XLR DI Out: The pedal features a balanced male XLR DI output with switchable analogue speaker emulation. This is useful for connecting to a mixing console or audio interface while emulating the sound of a speaker cabinet.

  8. Loudspeaker Output: An 8-ohm loudspeaker output lets you connect the pedal to an external speaker cabinet.

  9. Effects Loop: The high-quality transformer isolated effects loop allows you to integrate external effects into your signal chain.

  10. Footswitch and Indicators: The pedal comes with a channel select footswitch featuring LED indicators to show which channel is active.

  11. Auxiliary and Headphone Jacks: It includes a 3.5mm stereo aux input jack for playing along with backing tracks, and a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack for private practice.

  12. Universal Voltage Power Supply: The pedal includes a 100-240V universal voltage power supply (24V) for worldwide use.

  13. Soft Start Power Switch: The on/off power switch features a soft start, helping to protect the components and extend the lifespan of the pedal.

The Laney Ironheart Foundry Loudpedal Amplifier Pedal is a comprehensive and flexible solution for guitarists, offering a wide range of tonal options, connectivity features, and practical functions suitable for various live and studio scenarios.

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