Dunlop Crybaby JCT95 Justin Chancellor Crybaby Wah

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Introducing the Justin Chancellor Cry Baby Wah, a versatile and innovative pedal that brings together three distinct effects into one powerful unit. This custom-designed wah pedal is a multi-tool of sonic craftsmanship, inspired by bass player Justin Chancellor's pioneering use of effects in the band Tool.

The pedal features two unique modes: the U.K. Filter mode and the Wah mode. In the U.K. Filter mode, a custom solid-state circuit replicates the envelope-like filtering of the tone control on Justin's own instrument. This mode delivers thick and throaty tones with pronounced peaks, capturing the melodic, voice-like phrasing heard in Tool's track "The Patient." When combined with the built-in fuzz mode, the U.K. Filter generates smooth, synth-like tones, adding a new dimension to your bass playing.

For a more traditional wah sound, switch to the Wah mode, which utilizes the classic red Fasel® Inductor and the circuitry of a modified Cry Baby Wah. This mode offers a more aggressive sound with lush harmonics, perfect for cutting through with electrifying fire. When combined with the built-in fuzz circuit, the Wah mode delivers dynamic and impactful tones.

Each mode can be customized with separate Volume and Q controls, allowing you to tailor the effect to your exact preferences. You can easily switch between the U.K. Filter and Wah modes with the Wah Select footswitch, giving you seamless access to both sonic possibilities.

One of the highlights of this pedal is its custom fuzz circuit, based on a ferocious vintage UK device. It delivers thunderous bass signals with a tighter focus, capturing the monstrous tones heard in portions of Tool's track "Jambi." By default, the fuzz is only activated when using the rocker pedal, providing harmonic content that complements Justin's crushing yet musical bass passages. If you wish to use the fuzz independently, you can engage it using the switch on the side of the pedal.

Justin prefers using the U.K. Filter mode by itself and combining the Wah mode with the fuzz. To make this process seamless, you can add the optional Dunlop Pedal Topper, which provides a larger surface area for your foot to make contact with, making it easy to engage the fuzz with a single motion.

The Justin Chancellor Cry Baby Wah is a must-have for bass players looking to explore tones and craft unique soundscapes. Emulate Justin's tried and true formula for killer sounds or experiment with different configurations to unlock the full potential of your rig. With its three distinct effects—filter, wah, and fuzz—this pedal is a versatile tool for any tonecrafting bass player.

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