Dunlop Complete String Change and Setup Kit

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The Jim Dunlop JDGT122 System 65 Complete Guitar & Bass Set-Up Tool Kit is not just a collection of tools; it's a comprehensive solution to revive the playability of guitars that may have been neglected over time. This all-in-one kit is designed to bring your instrument back to life and keep it in peak condition. Here's why this kit is a game-changer for guitarists:

  1. J123 Universal Speedwinder:
    Quickly and effortlessly change strings, breathing new life into your guitar.

  2. JDGT08 Compact String Cutter:
    Trim away old, worn-out strings, making way for a fresh set and improved tone.

  3. J6567 System 65 Superlube Gel Pen:
    Restore smoothness to contact points, rejuvenating the feel and playability of your guitar.

  4. JDGT02 Hex Key Multi Tool:
    Tackle neglected hardware issues with precision, ensuring every component is in optimal condition.

  5. JDGT01 Multi-Function Gig Light:
    Shed light on areas that need attention, uncovering hidden details for a thorough restoration.

  6. JDGT05 Fret Collars (.080” & .125”):
    Protect and refurbish frets, eliminating wear and tear that may affect playability.

  7. JDGT03 Multi-Spanner Uni Wrench:
    Adjust nuts and bolts that may have loosened over time, contributing to improved stability.

  8. J6542 Formula 65 Polish & Cleaner:
    Clean and polish your guitar's finish, bringing back its original luster and shine.

  9. J6547 Fret Polishing Cloth:
    Revitalize frets for a smoother playing experience, eliminating friction and enhancing comfort.

  10. DGT06 Four-Way Screwdriver (2 Flatheads & 2 Phillips):
    Address neglected screws and hardware issues, ensuring every part of your guitar is secure.

  11. DGT04 String Action Gauge:
    Fine-tune string height to restore optimal playability and comfort.

  12. J5435 Plush Microfibre Polish Cloth:
    Give your guitar a final touch, ensuring it looks and feels like new after restoration.

This kit isn't just about maintenance; it's about transformation. It empowers guitarists to rescue instruments that may have been set aside or overlooked. Whether you're a seasoned player or rediscovering an old guitar, the JDGT122 kit is your ticket to restoring and enhancing the playability of your beloved instrument. It's the ultimate gift for guitarists who value the longevity and performance of their guitars.

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