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The Jim Dunlop JDGT302 System 65 Complete Set-Up Tech Kit is the ultimate solution for giving your guitar or bass a professional-grade set-up, ensuring it looks and plays its best for years to come. This comprehensive kit includes the JDGT121 String Change Kit along with a variety of essential tools for a complete set-up. Here's why the JDGT302 is a must-have for any guitarist or bassist:

  1. JDGT121 String Change Kit:

    • Universal Speedwinder: Change strings quickly and efficiently.
    • Compact String Cutter: Trim strings with precision.
    • Superlube Gel Pen: Lubricate contact points for smooth tuning.
    • Hex Key Multi-Tool: Tackle hardware adjustments effortlessly.
    • Multi-Function Gig Light: Illuminate your workspace for precision work.
    • Fret Collars (.080” & .125”): Protect your frets during the set-up process.
    • Multi-Spanner Uni-Wrench: Handle various hardware with ease.
    • Formula 65 Polish & Cleaner: Keep your instrument's body in top condition.
    • Fret Polishing Cloth: Maintain a clean and polished fretboard.
    • Four-way Screwdriver: Versatile tool for multiple screw types.
    • String Action Gauge: Ensure the perfect string height.

  2. JGM65 Set-Up Mat (Black):

    • Create a clean and organized workspace for your set-up.

  3. JDTM01 Magnetic Tray:

    • Keep small parts organized and prevent loss during the set-up process.

  4. JSA65 Neck Cradle:

    • Securely support your instrument during set-up, ensuring stability.

  5. J5435 Plush Microfibre Cloth:

    • Polish and maintain the finish of your guitar or bass.

  6. J6503 Body & Fingerboard Kit:

    • Formula 65 Polish & Cleaner: Keep your guitar's body in top condition.
    • Fretboard 65 Ultimate Lemon Oil: Nourish and clean your fretboard.
    • Ultraglide 65 String Conditioner: Reduce friction for smoother string bending.
    • Fingerboard Guards: Protect your frets during the set-up process.

With the JDGT302, you're not just getting tools; you're establishing a complete workshop for maintaining and optimizing your guitars. Whether you're a seasoned technician or a guitarist passionate about DIY maintenance, this kit provides everything needed for a professional-quality set-up. From string changes to body maintenance, fret care, and more, the JDGT302 has you covered.

Make your home the go-to place for guitar care and maintenance with the JDGT302 System 65 Complete Set-Up Tech Kit. It's the perfect investment for aspiring luthiers, dedicated hobbyists, and those who want to keep their instruments in prime condition. Ideal for personal use or as a thoughtful gift for fellow musicians. Elevate your guitar maintenance game with this comprehensive and versatile set-up kit.

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