Dunlop Eddie Van Halen 5150 Pick Pack

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Introducing the Dunlop JEVHP08 EVH 5150 Pick Pack - EVH-08

Capture the essence of Eddie Van Halen's iconic sound with the EVH 5150 Pick Pack. This pack includes six .60mm Max-Grip® Picks, just like the ones used by the legendary Eddie Van Halen himself. The picks feature artwork based on Eddie's famous 5150 Kramer guitar, which became his main guitar after retiring the Frankenstrat in 1983. The 5150 Kramer was painted similarly to the Frankenstrat, which is one of the most widely recognized guitars in the world.

  • Eddie Van Halen's Legacy: The graphic artwork on these picks celebrates Eddie's legendary 5150 Kramer guitar, an instrument that played a significant role in his career. The 5150 became a symbol of his music and style.

  • Max-Grip Feel: Crafted with a .60mm gauge, these picks offer the same Max-Grip feel that Eddie preferred. They provide exceptional control and precision, allowing you to capture the essence of his iconic sound with every note you play.

  • Collector's Gem: These picks are not just tools; they are a collector's gem. The combination of iconic artwork and Max-Grip performance makes them a must-have for fans of Eddie Van Halen and his unparalleled music.

Experience the magic of Eddie Van Halen's 5150 Kramer guitar with the EVH 5150 Pick Pack. Whether you're a devoted fan of his music or simply seeking high-quality picks that honor a rock icon, these picks offer the perfect fusion of artistry and performance. Let the spirit of Eddie Van Halen elevate your music as you play with picks that look and feel second to none.

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